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Lessons 491-500 (of 501)
Number: 26
Title: Hands-on Parenting
Topic: Parenting and family life, education, corporal punishment, health & medicine.
Mums and dads should be parents to their children, not friends. Do you agree?
Skills: Reading comprehension - True, False, Not Given questions, Vocabulary - word forms, Grammar - participles, sentence transformations, Writing - an IELTS opinion essay, describing pictures.
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Number: 619
Title: Listening Practice
Topic: These 7 LISTENING PRACTICE exercises are from a number of our lessons.
Skills: These exercises will help you to answer: Form/Notes/Table/Flow-chart/Summary Completion Tasks Multiple Choice Questions Short-answer Questions Matching
Level: All Levels
Number: 321
Title: Gladiator!
Topic: Movies, modern history.
A film review of the movie "Gladiator". There are two exercises for you to do.
Skills: Listening to a review - completing a cloze and answering multiple choice questions.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 19
Title: Limiting Visitors on Overburdened Inca Trail
Topic: Tourism, conservation, the environment.
To prevent its ruin, the number of tourists on the Inca trail is being restricted. Do you think tourists should stop going to places which have deep spiritual importance for the local peoples?
Skills: Listening - ordering a text, Reading comprehension - short answer questions, sentence completion, Grammar - showing reason and result, adding missing "grammar" words, Writing - an argumentative IELTS essay.
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Number: 39
Title: The Cost of Global Warming
Topic: The environment, pollution, global warming.
What is global warming? What causes it and what are the costs?
Skills: Grammar - sentence completion, Listening - multiple choice, Reading comprehension - scan a text for specific information, complete a summary, skim a text for gist, scanning to complete a table of information, Vocabulary - deduce meaning from context.
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Number: 34
Title: Greenhouse Gases & Global Warming Islands Nations Face Ruin
Topic: The environment, Global warming.
Due to the excesses of industrialised countries, the world's small island nations say the are facing environmental and financial ruin. They claim wealthy nations have a moral obligation to cut greenhouse emissions. Do you agree?
Skills: Listening, grammar - conditional sentences, sentence completion, Reading - scanning and skimming, Vocabulary from context.
Level: Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
Number: 28
Title: The Role of Women in Japan
Topic: Gender issues, parenting, work issues.
This lesson will help improve your examination techniques and skills.
Skills: Vocabulary, Reading comprehension - scanning to match paragraphs and information, answering True, False Not Given questions & short answer questions, Academic IELTS Writing - describing a graph, Grammar - completing a summary.
Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
Number: 399
Title: Listening - short conversations
Topic: Practice for Part 3 of TOEIC: Short Conversations.
Listen to short conversations between two people and read a question about each conversation. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.
Skills: Listening, Dialogues at work.
Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
Number: 376
Title: Incomplete sentences - "fill in the blank" grammar questions.
Topic: Practice for Part V of TOEIC and Section 2: Structure and Written Expression of TOEFL.
These exercises are a mixture of incomplete sentence exercises used in the TOEIC and TOEFL exams.
Skills: Grammar - practice using continuous verb forms, subordinating conjunctions and analyzing vocabulary.
Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
Number: 364
Title: Incomplete Sentences
Topic: You can practise for Part V of TOEIC.
A mixture of incomplete sentence exercises used in the TOEIC exam.
Skills: Grammar - "fill in the blank" questions. Practise conjunctions, adverbs and relative clauses, conditional forms, apostrophes, using gerunds and analyzing vocabulary.
Level: Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate
Lessons 491-500 (of 501)