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Lesson: 892  
Title: Unpaid Work
Topic: Volunteering, community work  
Blurb: Some people believe that unpaid community service should be compulsory. Do you agree?  
Skills: Reading - Skim an article for information, Scan a news article closely to find details, Writing - write a task two essay giving your opinion, Understand and interpret graphs  
Level: Upper-Intermediate  
Lesson: 891  
Title: What not to wear to work in summer
Topic: Work, business, fashion  
Blurb: Read the advice from "Modern Etiquette" on which clothes are appropriate to wear to the office over summer and which are not. There are 7 exercises for you to do.  
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary - clothing words, adjectives, Grammar - so and because.  
Level: Intermediate  
Lesson: 889  
Title: Strict Diets
Topic: Food, diets  
Blurb: Do diets actually help you lose weight? There are 6 exercises for you to do.  
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary - word forms and suffixes, Listening  
Level: Advanced  
Lesson: 890  
Title: Switch off your phone!
Topic: Cellphone use  
Blurb: This lesson looks at phone manners; when and how to use cellphones. There are 5 exercises for you to do.  
Skills: Reading, Grammar - reported speech, Listening  
Level: Upper-Intermediate  
Lesson: 888  
Title: Healthy Vegetables
Topic: Diet  
Blurb: This lesson looks at encouraging kids to eat vegetables and the benefits of cooked veges.  
Skills: Reading, Grammar - 1st Conditional, Vocabulary, Listening  
Level: Intermediate  
Lesson: 887  
Title: Best Place to Live
Topic: Town or city  
Blurb: What is the world's best city to live in? Are children better off in towns or cities?  
Skills: Listening - dictation, IELTS task 2 essay - spelling and linking words, Reading - matching, completing a summary, completing a table.  
Level: Intermediate  
Lesson: 886  
Title: Behave or hop off!
Topic: Transport  
Blurb: Loud or sleeping people to be banned from buses and trains. Find out more! There are 5 exercises for you to do.  
Skills: Reading, Grammar - passive, prepositions, past participles, Vocabulary  
Level: Upper-Intermediate  
Lesson: 885  
Title: Stop Acting The Goat
Topic: Animal expressions  
Blurb: Cats, Cows and Goats. Learn these animal expressions and how to use them. There are 3 exercises to do.  
Skills: Vocabulary - Animal idioms  
Level: Elementary  
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