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What is Selfaccess Live?
At Selfaccess Live we offer one-on-one English tutoring over the Internet. Learn English with a real-time, experienced, native-speaking English tutor. Your speaking, listening and reading lessons will be on Skype. Writing assignments, corrections and feedback will be sent via email. Get a set of lessons to help you prepare for IELTS and TOEFL exams or learn English for business and general use.
Hours & pricing
Each tutoring package has 5 individual lessons over 5 weeks. Buy all four packages for a full IELTS or TOEFL preparation course or choose any of the packages, depending upon what you need most training in. One of our tutors will first assess your level of English by a writing task via email and a 1 hour speaking session on Skype. They will then design lessons to best suit you.
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Tutoring Packages
IELTS Writing: 10 writing tasks
Corrections and feedback via email = US$110.00

IELTS Speaking: 5 weeks
1 45 minute lesson per week = US$110.00

IELTS Listening: 5 weeks
1 60 minute lesson per week = US$110.00

IELTS Reading: 5 weeks
1 60 minute lesson per week = US$110.00

Business English & Speaking: 5 weeks
1 60 minute lesson per week = US$110.00