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There are so many lessons available, do you have any courses @ English-to-go?
Yes we do!'s Online Course Book, Living English uses the power of the Internet to deliver a 'living text book' that...
31 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
Is there a simple "How to Use English-to-go" manual I can print out?
Yes - Print this ETG manual out and you could stick it on the wall.
31 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
My class is of mixed ability so how can I get them talking to each other?
I suggest use a lot of "find someone who" type activities for mixed groups. That way, students have to talk to everyone in the class...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
How can I get my class talking?
This is what one teacher told us when we asked them the same question:I start each class with 15 minutes of discussion, the topic is decided upon by...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
I've been told to stick totally to the coursebook to make sure all points are covered. Any advice on keeping it fun and not always working from the set book?
I would usually start the lesson with a brief warmer (the EtoGo warmers provide lots of ideas) and then a wind-down at the end of some sort....
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
How do I keep a group of teenagers attentive and interested?
This is what one of our teachers used to do with  a class of 17 years olds: 1.  Organize them into groups 2. For every verbal presentation...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
I have 1 or 2 students that lag behind the others, what can I do?
Motivation is an eternal topic discussed by teachers around the world; that "one or two students holding the class back" sounds very...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
How to motivate students?
With some students I find it useful to talk to them after class. "Why are you here?  What do you want to achieve?" We might then...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 1
Got any tips explaining the difference between future expressed by "'to be' going to' " and the present continuous?
Firstly,  the difference between those two is subtle enough not to worry students of intermediate level and below about it!If we are going to...
25 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
Do you have any brochures about your sites I can show my boss?
We sure do! Click here for a 2 page colour brochure on English-to-go and Instant lessons.
24 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
How do I assign the FREE online courses or access to the library of over 350 lessons to my students?
Simply download our easy to use manual and then email us at We will make sure you are set up correctly and can log in to...
24 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0
My students have little or no motivation - what can I do?
We are happy to make a few suggestions: of course, because we're not in the hot seat it's easy for us to advise, but only you as teacher will know...
24 Aug, 2006 Comments: 0