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I've been told to stick totally to the coursebook to make sure all points are covered. Any advice on keeping it fun and not always working from the set book?
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I would usually start the lesson with a brief warmer (the EtoGo warmers provide lots of ideas) and then a wind-down at the end of some sort. However,  I also have a list of aims for the lesson on the side of the board.  e.g. (review present perfect, practising asking and answering questions etc) and tick off the aims as we cover them so that by the end the students have a clear idea what they have achieved in that lesson.

If they can see that they are achieving particular aims, they are often less resistant to trying new things and then welcome moves away from the textbook.  Also I try to have fun ways of reviewing some material e.g. if they have to learn certain vocab items for First Certificate, I'll do some kind of vocab game to review them.

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