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Elementary English Lessons:  
An ESL program for "false beginners". These lessons are great for students who can read basic English and can speak and understand general meaning in familiar situations; frequent breakdowns in communication occur.
  I am Sorry! - Online Lesson for Students
Why did they do it?
Reading comprehension, Grammar - infinitives of purpose.
There are five exercises to do.

  Instant Lesson for Teachers: I am sorry

Pre-Intermediate English Lessons:  
For students who can read short, simple texts, understand simple English when spoken slowly, answer questions on familiar topics, but sometimes don't understand. These lessons will help those practising for PET, are at a level 2 or 3 in IELTS and are below TOEFL 350 level.
  Meeting an actor! - Online Lesson for Students
Listening and grammar - past simple or continuous? There are 5 exercises to do!

  Instant Lesson for Teachers: Meeting An Actor

Intermediate English Lessons:  
Ideal for those learners who are approximately at a bandscore of 4 in an IELTS test, 400-480 in the paper-based TOEFL test, 100-160 in the computer based TOEFL test. The course includes a variety of interesting and innovative topics that encourage students to express their feelings, ideas, and opinions. This course is designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in a multi-faceted society.
  A Real Blind Date - Online Lesson for Students
Have you ever been on a blind date? Here you can listen and read about the ultimate blind date. You can also learn how to write a review of a restaurant.
Listening to a report, Reading comprehension - matching headings to paragraphs, answering True / False / Not Given questions, completing a summary, writing a review, grammar - using discourse markers.
There are 10 online exercises to do!
  Instant Lesson for Teachers: Blind Date

Upper-Intermediate English Lessons:  
Students will improve their listening, writing and reading skills by engaging with contemporary and challenging topics. Not only does this course focus on improving grammar and vocabulary, but is also perfect for students looking toward academic study. This is designed for students who got a score of around 5 in an IELTS test, a score of 480-600 in the paper-based TOEFL test, 160-250 in the computer based TOEFL test, or have passed Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English).
  On Your Bike - Online Lesson for Students
Every day, traffic seems to get worse. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads? What alternatives can we offer?
Reading comprehension - scanning to complete a table, matching viewpoints, skimming to choose the best title and complete a flow diagram, Listening - completing a flow chart, Writing - topic sentences in an IELTS Task 2 essay, words from the Academic Word List. There are 8 online exercises to do!
  Instant Lesson for Teachers: On Your Bike