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English courses - online exam preparation

Living English courses help learners become proficient in English by establishing competency in the foundations of English language and training in the macro skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
This extensive blended learning course has both downloadable materials for teachers and over 200 online exercises for students!

a. Elementary English
b. Pre-Intermediate English
c. Intermediate English
d. Upper-Intermediate English

The Cost?

Are you an English-to-go Annual Gold Member? If you are, as an INTRODUCTORY OFFER you and 10 of your students sign up for FREE for 1 month!
All you need to do is email us and tell us your name and level you want for your students. We'll email you the details!

If you are not an English-to-go Gold Member, then we have an "Intro" offer that is valid until 30th of November 2020.
For only US$30.00 you and 10 of your students can sign up for 1 month.
Either pay by PayPal and email us and tell us your name and level you want for your students and we'll send you the logins.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We're excited about our courses and want to share!

Course Login:
For institutions we work on a basis of a "per class" rate.
This class rate is for 1 login for a teacher and up to 5 students who can all be logged in at any one time.
1 teacher login for 12 months US$65.00
1 login for 5 simultaneous users for 3 months US$100.00
However, should you purchase 4 or more teacher logins, we drop the teacher rate to US$50.00 per annum.

For less than the cost of one textbook per student, gain access to our growing, fully searchable database of lessons and lesson plans.

We can also create a branded site for you. Please see an example of one institution's site here:

Institutions can purchase an Institutional license for Living English teaching resources.

Get online resources for your students and Instant Lessons for all teachers. Complement your school’s curriculum, resource base and course structure by licensing our high quality materials for both teachers and students. This license allows teachers from your institution to use the full range of English-To-Go teaching resources. Control of this product is firmly kept in your hands as you have the ability to nominate an administrator to maintain licenses and control teacher accessibility. Our dedicated team will customize a package that will cater to your institution’s needs. We have several Institutional licenses that can be combined in a tailor-made solution for you. Please contact us for a quote.

The average cost of a text book is around $60.00 per student. For many of these courses, students also need to purchase the workbooks. The audio CDs can be at least another $50.00 and the teachers' book needs to be purchased on top of that. We feel Living English compares very favourably.

Would you like a branded site for your school or business? We can help! Please see an example of one of our branded sites here!

Living English will provide you with a complete syllabus for your students from Elementary to Upper-intermediate with corresponding online resources. 
Living English
 is a course at four different levels.
Each level consists of printable PDF and html resources; these have been sequenced and structured into a 12-unit course.
You can have the entire course delivered from your very own website. You can work with us to determine the look and feel and we can use your wording and images on the site. We will even host it for you as part of the deal. A smooth, low cost way to enhance your own branding while having access to world class topical material that is always being reviewed, maintained and updated.

Your teachers can access and download the photocopiable html and PDF versions of English-to-go Instant Lessons, Weekly Warmers, Max Vocab Worksheets and Anna Grammar worksheets listed in each of the 12 unit courses from your site.
Your students can then access the corresponding online, interactive lessons which supplement and extend the material you have already dealt with through the same branded website.

Your own branded site.
The cost for your own branded site is US$975.00. We can have your site up and running within 10 working days of receiving payment, any graphics and text you may want, and an agreed mock-up of the site layout. (Normally we can do this in less time.) This is a one off charge. We do not even charge you each year for recurring hosting costs. Should you own a domain name we can redirect or set the cobranded site to display under that URL.

All lessons will retain our copyright and that of Reuters.