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Selfaccess Online lessons

Why choose our resources?

Because they are organised, ordered, easy to use and worthwhile!

Our Online Lessons:

As already mentioned, we began with a great idea in 1997! A few years later, as teachers were being told we all had to become computer "savvy". But how? There were so many products on the market and how were we supposed to link these with our classroom work? Well, we sat down and thought about it! What we wanted were 'linked' lessons. We wanted to teach something in the classroom face-to-face, and then follow that up in the computer lab, or for homework, by something productive, useful and relevant. So, our "Instant Workbooks" were born!
From small beginnings we now have database of over 700 online lessons for students.

Living English:

Each course is divided into 12 units that follow our Living English syllabus: the printable lesson that teachers use in the classroom. Each unit then has at least four online exercises for your students to complete: that is at least 50 online lessons. These online lesson exercises examine grammar points, incorporate vocabulary practice, practice reading and comprehension techniques, introduce writing skills and, of course, practise listening. We have called upon the talents of English speakers from all over the world: Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Wales... even Brazil!