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Lessons 11-20 (of 506)
Number: 900
Title: City Living
Topic: The world's cities
Life in some of our cities. Is life in the suburbs or the inner city better for you? There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Listening, Grammar - adjectives
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 899
Title: Not Enough Room For More Fish In The Sea???
Topic: The environment, Pollution
What to do with the plastic? These 6 exercises look at topics and questions sometimes examined in IELTS, FCE and TOEFL tests.
Skills: Reading - Skim news articles for information, Scan a news article closely to find details. Writing - working with task one reports describing infographics.
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 898
Title: Roof Farms
Topic: The environment, farming, city life
By 2020, Paris will have more than 100 hectares of rooftop gardens and planted walls.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar - the present perfect
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Number: 897
Title: Bags To Boats
Topic: The Environment
This lesson looks at the horror of plastic bags. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary - compound words
Level: Intermediate
Number: 896
Title: Waste Warriors
Topic: Business, Pollution
Read how refugee women and university students are battling the war against New Delhi's growing rubbish problem. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar - gerunds and -ing forms
Level: Advanced
Number: 895
Title: Good Work?
Topic: Crime
This lesson looks at some really dumb criminals. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar - the passive
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Number: 894
Title: Life in the Dry Zone
Topic: The environment, Climate change
This lesson looks at climate change and what some people must do to survive in the dry zone of Myanmar.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - modal verbs of obligation: must, mustn't, don't have to
Level: Advanced
Number: 893
Title: Recycling - is it a necessity?
Topic: Environment
Is it time for everyone in society to become more responsible toward the environment? There are 8 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading - skimming an article, Writing - paraphrasing what you have read and heard, organising an Task 2 IELTS essay, understanding a graph for a task 1 report, Listening - understanding details, Vocabulary - adjectives
Level: Intermediate
Number: 892
Title: Unpaid Work
Topic: Volunteering, community work
Some people believe that unpaid community service should be compulsory. Do you agree?
Skills: Reading - Skim an article for information, Scan a news article closely to find details, Writing - write an IELTS task two essay giving your opinion, Understand and interpret graphs
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 891
Title: What not to wear to work in summer
Topic: Work, business, fashion
Read the advice from "Modern Etiquette" on which clothes are appropriate to wear to the office over summer and which are not. There are 7 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary - clothing words, adjectives, Grammar - so and because.
Level: Intermediate
Lessons 11-20 (of 506)