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Lessons 21-30 (of 506)
Number: 889
Title: Strict Diets
Topic: Food, diets
Do diets actually help you lose weight? There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Vocabulary - word forms and suffixes, Listening
Level: Advanced
Number: 890
Title: Switch off your phone!
Topic: Cellphone use
This lesson looks at phone manners; when and how to use cellphones. There are 5 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - reported speech, Listening
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 888
Title: Healthy Vegetables
Topic: Diet
This lesson looks at encouraging kids to eat vegetables and the benefits of cooked veges.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - 1st Conditional, Vocabulary, Listening
Level: Intermediate
Number: 887
Title: Best Place to Live
Topic: Town or city
What is the world's best city to live in? Are children better off in towns or cities?
Skills: Listening - dictation, IELTS task 2 essay - spelling and linking words, Reading - matching, completing a summary, completing a table.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 886
Title: Behave or hop off!
Topic: Transport
Loud or sleeping people to be banned from buses and trains. Find out more! There are 5 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - passive, prepositions, past participles, Vocabulary
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 885
Title: Stop Acting The Goat
Topic: Animal expressions
Cats, Cows and Goats. Learn these animal expressions and how to use them. There are 3 exercises to do.
Skills: Vocabulary - Animal idioms
Level: Elementary
Number: 884
Title: Digital Assistants for Assistance?
Topic: Confusables
Decide which homonym, synonym or similar/confusable word is correct for each of the sentences. There are 2 exercises to do.
Skills: Vocabulary - confusable words
Level: Advanced
Number: 883
Title: Computer Women
Topic: US tech industry needs women
Women and men are commonly seen as having different strengths and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender?
Skills: Scanning, skimming, work with vocabulary from the AWL, interpreting graphs in an IELTS Task 1 report, writing an IELTS Task 2 essay giving your opinion.
Level: Intermediate
Number: 881
Title: Rent A Chicken
Topic: Animals, food
A Pennsylvania husband and wife rent chickens to customers. There are 7 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - preposition + ing, Vocabulary
Level: Elementary
Number: 882
Title: Scarecrow Town
Topic: Art
Tsukimi Ayano made her first scarecrow 13 years ago. Today, the tiny village of Nagoro in Japan is full of her scarecrows. There are 5 exercises to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - past simple, Crossword puzzle, Vocabulary
Level: Elementary
Lessons 21-30 (of 506)