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Lessons 31-40 (of 506)
Number: 880
Title: Demining Dogs
Topic: War, landmines, animals
Dogs in Thailand have finished their difficult training to clear landmines. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - passive - verb + object + verb, Vocabulary
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Number: 879
Title: A Hairy Issue
Topic: Money, marriage
Want to stay together? Don't mess with the hair budget. "It costs to look this good ... and no, hubby doesn't need to know, nor should he ask." There are six exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - passive - get something done, modal verbs, Vocabulary - idioms
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 878
Title: Biological Bad Luck
Topic: Cancer research, health
Plain old bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, according to researchers. Find out about their latest cancer research. There are four exercises to do.
Skills: Reading Comprehension, Listening - dictation, Grammar - adverbs of reason
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Number: 877
Title: Giving Back
Topic: Wealth, money & philanthropy
Some people say the most important thing about being rich is that it gives you the opportunity to give back. Do you agree?
Skills: Reading - Scan a news article closely to find details, Read an essay closely to find spelling mistakes, Read and complete a summary, Listening - listen for details, Writing - an IELTS task two essay giving your opinion, Use topic sentences in an essay.
Level: Advanced
Number: 876
Title: London's Perilous Past
Topic: London, History
Londoners in the 17th century were never far from danger as plague, infant mortality and angry mobs menaced the capital, burial records showed. This lesson is about research into one of the most turbulent periods of London's past. There are four exercises to do.
Skills: Reading Comprehension, Grammar - relative clauses
Level: Intermediate
Number: 253
Title: Next Stop Please ....
Topic: Transport, Bus lovers ..
Learn about a runaway kid and a dog who love buses. There are 7 exercises to do.
Skills: Listening, Reading comprehension - spot the errors, Grammar - adverbs, adjectives of feeling and past continuous.
Level: Elementary
Number: 864
Title: Air Rage
Topic: Air travel
An argument over leg room and reclining seats forced a Florida-bound flight from New York to divert to a different airport, the third incident of a midair disruption caused by passengers in a week. Find out why air passengers in China are screaming mad as well. There are five exercises to do.
Skills: Reading Comprehension, Listening - dictation, Grammar - prepositions
Level: Intermediate
Number: 863
Title: Doll Hospital
Topic: Work, Toys
English-to-go interviewed 3 people who work at the Doll Hospital. Read the interviews and answer the questions. There are six exercises to do.
Skills: Reading Comprehension
Level: Elementary
Number: 862
Title: Hurricane Gender
Topic: The weather, hurricanes, natural disasters
What's in a name? Because people unconsciously think a storm with a female name is less dangerous than one with a masculine name, those in its path are less likely to flee. Listen to people talking about a hurricane, write a letter and complete the quiz. There are nine exercises to do.
Skills: Grammar - Third Conditional, Reading Comprehension, Listening
Level: Intermediate
Number: 861
Title: Avoidance Apps
Topic: Computers, Phones
Don't want to see somebody? This lesson is about apps you can use on your phone so you can avoid people.
Skills: Grammar - gerunds, Reading Comprehension
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lessons 31-40 (of 506)