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Micro Distributors
SelfAccess.com provides online learning tools for English language students. Learn English online anytime, anywhere.

English To Go is the most trusted English as a Second Language (ESL) companion for teachers, students and industry application; providing fully integrated digital lessons based on topical Reuters news stories and promoting a reliable teaching outcome through the unique ability to deliver a total learning solution.

Founded in 1998, the company draws on the expertise of a highly qualified international team of editors and linguists who develop topical lessons that are available to users through two main Internet sites: www.english-to-go.com and www.selfaccess.com.

Since its inception, the company has built on its strength of developing digital lessons and now provides a comprehensive suite of customised and off-the-shelf ESL services with a focus on total learning solutions.

English To Go has alliances with a growing number of international partners, affiliates and distributors.

About www.selfaccess.com
www.selfaccess.com is an on-line, interactive, self-scoring integrated ESL library of digital lessons. Our lessons are used in almost every country of the world, from Afghani refugee camps in Pakistan to Home school parents in the USA. Some of the organisations that trust and use the resources on a daily basis include The British Council, Study Group and Oxford Brookes University. English To Go lessons have been published by Macmillan Press and Reed Elsevier. Some 80,000 subscribers and millions of students benefit from the proven approach and its certainty of outcome.

About the Micro Distributor programme
We want to spread the English Language and offer you the opportunity to improve your skills AND earn some serious commission in the process. We will provide you with a simple and effective marketing package tied to an administrative process that will allow you to start earning money from the very first day you start working with our products.

The www.selfaccess.com site is developed and maintained by professionals and our confidence in our product is evidenced by the fact that we are offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to anyone who does not improve their English skills once they have completed a course of 15 lessons (around 15 hours of tuition). Our only proviso is that your customers have an IELTS equivalent of at least 3.0 to use the site.

Our application is extremely flexible and we can offer local language introductions as well as customised skins for our site for the serious distributor. Please contact us for more details.

You can make a minimum of $5.00 profit on each unit you sell. That's a 50% profit with an upfront investment of only $100. We provide the simple tools for you to become successful and help your friends to improve their English. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and the will to sell something very useful to society.

The Opportunity - Resell www.selfaccess.com
We are now offering the opportunity for anyone to earn a serious commission while at the same time improving the standard of English around the world.

  • For as little as $100 you can become a distributor. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and we will set you up to become a distributor. All your customers need is a computer connected to the Internet with a sound card and a basic understanding of English.
  • We will provide you with tools to market the service and your reward will be measured by your effort.

How does it work?
1. You sign up as a micro-distributor for our products at http://www.selfaccess.com.
2. You buy course units for our site for a maximum of $10 per unit. Our site sells them for $20 with a credit card. You can sell each unit for $15. For each unit that you purchase you will earn ten points. The more you buy, the bigger the discount.
3. If you sign up anyone as a distributor you will earn ten points for each unit that they purchase in their first month (they will also earn points).

This table explains the different levels of investment:

4. We will provide you with marketing vouchers and a User Guide to allocate IDs and passwords to your customers through our Administrative System. You will also be able to generate reports to monitor your customers' usage.

5. You add your contact details to the Marketing Voucher.

6. You sell access to the site (you give your customer one of the marketing vouchers with a Logon ID and a password printed on it for general access to the site for one month). You get your customer to complete our on-line test. Your customers will then come back to purchase a course - you have complete control to whom and how much you sell.

7. When your unit volume reaches a pre-defined level, we will send you a reminder email so you can purchase more. You can pay with a credit card (we will charge your card over the phone) or a cheque to our P. O. Box. As soon as your funds have cleared, we will allocate the units to your account and send you a confirmation email.

8. You can redeem your points for rewards. Your points will remain valid as long as you purchase at least $200 worth of units each year. Your points can earn you:

Book Vouchers
Music Vouchers
Grocery Vouchers
Travel Vouchers

Every 1000 points is worth $5. You can only redeem points in multiples of 1000.

How can you sell the resources?
Here are some marketing ideas:

  • Place a small classified advertisement in your local paper, or a local language publication.
  • Ask your local store to place the voucher in their window.
  • Place the vouchers on supermarket advertising walls.
  • Hand out vouchers to your friends and their friends.

How can you sell the resources?
Here are some reasons that people should buy our lessons:

  • They can study at home, in their own time.
  • They can improve their job prospects.
  • They can improve their education prospects.
  • They can improve their ability to communicate with their friends and neighbours.
  • The lessons are an excellent supplement to school based ESL study.
  • They can be used to prepare for English exams like IELTS, FCE, TOEIC or TOEFL.

English To Go is the on-line way to improve your English.
Contact your local representative to find out more about our digital ESL solutions.
Please email us directly and we will place you in contact with our local representative.

"English-To-Go, the first serious attempt to teach online via the Internet,
is a fun and creative way to learn the language…"
The Japan Times

"An excellent resource with new articles each week on current issues. Although the site is designed for English language teachers, the content is equally useful for native English speakers in Secondary Schools or Home Schooling groups." BBC Education Web

For more information download our marketing brochure. You may also find our advertising flyer and sales vouchers useful.

To sign up now or to ask more questions, please follow this link and complete the form.

English To Go Ltd
P O Box 2345
Shortland Street
New Zealand
Ph +64 9 375 3090
Fax +64 9 375 3041

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