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This course will help you get results and improve those English skills you need to succeed in the IELTS General Training Module.
This course contains:
25 lessons based on newspaper articles, notices, advertisements, leaflets and timetables.
Reading, writing, listening, speaking grammar and vocabulary.
This course includes:
100% interactive exercises.
The course has 25 individual lessons - over 140 activities and exercises - approximately 35 hours of online study.
You also have 25 model essays and letters to work with and 20 listening tasks. There are more than 40 individual news articles to read and IELTS reading tasks to answer.
Immediate feedback on your work.
Progress Reports to show you how you are going, what you have completed and what you need to finish.
You have 3 months to complete the course and can do each exercise in each lesson twice. We have divided the course up by theme. Each lesson has its own theme and covers a number of skills and skill subsets you will need to pass your exam. We have selected some shorter, less difficult lessons for you to begin with.


IELTS Overview - An overview of the IELTS Academic Module and General Training Module. Academic or General? Find out what IELTS test you need to sit and what is required.

Workers Going Nowhere - Working from home and Technology:
Listening, Reading comprehension - True, False, Not Given questions, completing a summary, matching headings, multiple matching, locating information, Writing - an essay giving your opinion, a letter to your boss, Vocabulary - using words from the AWL (Academic Word List).

IELTS Speaking Test - Speaking and Pronunciation Practice
Topic: In part 1 of the IELTS exam you need to talk about familiar topics such as family, friends, hobbies or food. These 6 exercises will help you prepare for Part 1 of the IELTS speaking exam.

On Your Bike - Every day, traffic seems to get worse. How can we reduce the number of cars on our roads? What alternatives can we offer? Reading comprehension - scanning to complete a table, matching viewpoints, skimming to choose the best title and complete a flow diagram, Listening - completing a flow chart, Writing - topic sentences in an IELTS Task 2 essay, words from the AWL.

Travel Postcard - Reading - classifying, matching sections, matching paragraphs and information, short answer questions, reading advertisements and multiple matching Listening - completing a table, IELTS task 2 - writing an essay giving your opinion.

Weather Events - Listening - short answers, Reading comprehension - matching paragraphs and information, completing a table, short answer questions, multiple choice questions, Writing - task 1 letter offering help, completing a vocabulary cloze.


Holding The Olympics - Many countries host international sporting events. What do you think are the positive and negative impacts of hosting such events? Listening - completing a table, Writing - IELTS Task 1: Writing a letter, writing a Task 2 essay giving your opinion, completing a summary, classifying information, answering multiple choice questions, locating information.

Eating Out in London Town - Listening and following a map, listening to complete a table, classifying information, matching paragraphs and information, General IELTS Writing - Task 1 letter to an editor, Writing a Task 2 essay giving your opinion about your home town.

IELTS Speaking test practice - Parts 1 & 2 - IELTS Speaking Test - Speaking and Pronunciation Practice These exercises will help you prepare for your conversation with your personal tutor and give you practice for the IELTS speaking exam.

Zoos - Humans on Display - Multiple choice listening, General IELTS Writing - Task 1 letter, Completing a letter using grammar words, Reading a text and completing summaries, Listening and completing a summary using words from a box, matching paragraphs and information.

Finance: Correcting Money Mistakes - Reading comprehension - matching headings and sections, completing a table, understanding a writer's point of view, answering multiple choice questions, locating information, Writing - a task 1 letter of complaint.

Hidden Treasure - Writing a letter, answering multiple choice questions, identifying points of view, completing a vocabulary cloze, filling a table, completing a summary, Listening - following a map.

Italian Memory Bank - General IELTS Writing - Task 1 letter asking for permission, Reading comprehension - topic sentences, answering True, False, Not Given questions, answering short answer questions, multiple matching, listening - short answer questions.

Best Friend Mums? - Listening - multiple choice questions, Writing a Task 1 letter refusing an invitation, reading comprehension - completing a summary, matching headings, completing short answer questions, Writing a Task 2 essay giving your opinion.

The Dress Code - Writing - a letter of complaint, finding spelling and punctuation errors, Reading comprehension - multiple matching, short answers questions, classifying information, Listening - multiple choice questions.

IELTS Speaking test practice - parts 2 & 3
Talking on a given topic and giving your opinion in a discussion. There are 7 exercises for you to do. These exercises will help you to: prepare for a speaking test, listen for specific information, make notes for a short talk, use expressions for giving your opinion and asking for clarification.


Tech Stereotypes - Listening - matching statements and completing a summary, Reading comprehension - answering True, False, Not Given questions and multiple choice questions, completing a summary, using academic vocabulary, General IELTS Writing - task 1 letter of advice.

Task 1 Writing - Informal, semiformal or formal letters. 12 exercises - prepare yourself with our model letters and exercises.


Reading Comprehension - Multiple choice reading exercises on the type of text you may find in the General IELTS reading section.



Ideal for those who are aiming for a General IELTS bandscore of 5 and above. Our Selfaccess.com exercises include activities that are similar to those found in IELTS General training module and like the IELTS General Training Reading Test our lessons get progressively harder through the course. By using the SelfAccess lessons you will be able to practise IELTS reading, listening and writing questions, and improve your IELTS scores.