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Animal Stories

This month we highlight animal stories. Check out our stories on goats, dogs, fish and chickens. .....

Demining Dogs
Dogs in Thailand have finished their difficult training to clear landmines. There are 6 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - passive - verb + object + verb, Vocabulary
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 880

Flying Fish
A goldfish has lived to swim another day after it fell down a chimney. There are six exercises to do.
Skills: Grammar - past simple, Vocabulary - crossword puzzle, Reading comprehension
Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 167

Seeing-eye Sheep and Goats
Michelle Feldstein was ready to provide special accommodation for the blind horse at her animal shelter in Montana, but nothing could make her ready for the 40-legged, seeing-eye team that came with her. There are five exercises to do.
Skills: Reading comprehension, Grammar - adjectives, Vocabulary - animals, hangman
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 729

Rent A Chicken
A Pennsylvania husband and wife rent chickens to customers. There are 7 exercises for you to do.
Skills: Reading, Grammar - preposition + ing, Vocabulary
Level: Elementary
Lesson Number: 881
Animal Friends
Animals with unusual friendships who help each other in need. There are 10 exercises for you to do!
Skills: Reading comprehension, Grammar - zero conditional, first conditional and second conditional.
Level: Intermediate
Lesson Number: 627
Lucky Pets
Learn about growing pet trends and compare popularity in China and Britain.
Skills: Reading comprehension, Vocabulary - animals, Grammar - comparative adjectives, Writing - using prompts.
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 728
Dangerous Dogs
People should not be allowed to keep dangerous dogs as pets. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? These 7 exercises will look at topics and questions sometimes examined in IELTS, FCE and TOEFL tests.
Skills: Reading - skimming for comprehension, close reading for details, Grammar - -ed and -ing adjectives to describe feelings, Writing - using topic sentences and linkers in a task two essay
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 856
24-hour Plane Delay
A runaway pet squirrel cost an airline US$95,250.00.
Skills: Listening exercises, Vocabulary work, Grammar - prepositions, spend + an object + verb +ing.
Level: Upper-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 256
Missing Mouse
Why could they not fly a plane for 24 hours. What were they looking for?
Skills: Reading comprehension, Grammar - reason and purpose (to & because).
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lesson Number: 231

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